Chat programs such as Discord & Slack have become the absolute standard in user experience - but all of these programs are subscription-based, nonstandard and controlled by particular organizations. Our goal is to bring back non-proprietary and open source alternatives that offer the same luxuries at your control.

The Server

The main aim of our server is to provide a stable, fast, and modern ircd. cmpctircd will have feature-parity with the leading IRCds, implementing the IRCv3 protocol and designed with improved user experience in mind, such as removing the need for third-party bouncers, supporting linking to any other IRCd, and much more.

The Client

Many current IRC clients are antiquated and clunky, so It's our goal to provide a clean, fast and easy to use client. Nobody wants to deal with ports, servers and JOIN commands anymore so our IRC client will by-default remove the extra layers of difficulty and provide a nicer UX.
(However, if you're a hardcore irc-user then all this behaviour is still available)